Monday, August 20, 2012

The night before . . .

About one hour ago, I woke up in my Ambien state to use the little girls room when something entirely different happened. I felt a trickle of fluid run down my leg and after a moment of shock, I told Gash to call the nurse and well that is where it all began.

The nurses came in and tested and confirmed that the fluid was in fact amniotic fluid and that labor was imminent. The doctor then came in to let us know that she had scheduled our c section for 8:00 AM tomorrow morning. The doctor was followed by nurses drawing blood and hooking me up to more ivs and monitors. All of this was a whirlwind, and Gash and I spent most of it holding hands and taking it all in (or at least trying).

Once everyone as out of the room, we said the words for the first time :"we are about to meet our babies". Emotions rushed through both of us and I would be lying if I claimed that I did not cry. These emotions we are feeling are widespread and come in waves that usually end in a hug and often times a prayer for the health and safety of the two newest Claytons.

We are going to meet our babies! Wow! Christmas Eve has nothing in this!! When we finally found the words to discuss our feelings we decided they ran the gamut: I feel excited, scared, and anxious; Gash feels anxious and most of all excited! We both feel blessed beyond what we deserve and continue to give thanksgiving to a pretty incredible God. The same guy who gave us these miracles in the first place.

And so on the night before, I pray mainly for peace as we begin the most exciting chapter of our lives. I can't stop saying it . . . We are about to meet our babies!!!

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