Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Five, NICU 2

And so the days of driving back and forth from the hospital have begun. Today, mom and I spent the first feeding with the babies and then tried to squeeze in a nap, lunch and pumping before heading back up to the loves of my life. "Pops" came up today and we went together to the 3:00 feeding; it was fun seeing dad snuggle Mary Seegars while he fed her. When Gash got home, we ate a nice dinner with mom and dad and then happily went up to tuck our babies in for the night! One day of driving back and forth down, hopefully not to many more to go!

P.S. No more Bilirubin light! This means that they can now be weened off the isolette as well.  They need to be able to maintain their body heat with the isolette set at 28 C for twenty-four hours and then they will be moved to cribs.  This is just one test they have to pass before heading home.  The other test is taking 45 mls by bottle at each of the eight feedings.  These are pretty tough tests but we know our babies are fighters and we are sure they will pass them soon.  So stay warm little guys and stay hungry!!

Kangaroo Time. . . Absolute Heaven for me!

When I arrived at the NICU at 3, they were dressed in little clothes :)

I will be bringing them clothes from home on the next visit ;)

Pops and his favorite granddaughter 

The many faces of Ashton

Our little princess

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