Thursday, August 30, 2012

Day Eleven, NICU 2

I am sure that every mom thinks their kids are perfect, and I am no exception. I am so amazed by every little thing that they do and feel so blessed to be these perfect little babies mother. This morning, my mom and I spent close to four hours just holding Ashton and Mary Seegars; although, to me, it felt like mere minutes. If it were not for my growling stomach, I would have stayed there all day long. But, I had to go home, eat, wash some little baby clothes and wait on Gash so we could go back to see the two most perfect babies in the world.

Grandma ??? came to visit :)

Love those big eyes 

Working on her wink for the baby boy down the hall . . . 

Twin kisses . . 

Bottle and Temperature Update: Today was a great day! We have two superstars on our hands when it comes to taking those bottles! Both babies took their whole bottles in under ten minutes this afternoon, and Mary Seegars took all but four mls tonight while her big brother polished off his bottle in less than fifteen minutes! Go babies Go! As for their temps, Mary Seegars is still winning that competition and is staying cozy in her crib.  Ashton seems to be doing pretty well and we hope he will be moved to a crib soon.  Lastly, Ashton gained two ounces today, measuring in at a little over 5.2 (big boy!) and Mary Seegars gained about a half an ounce, not much but we will take a gain over a loss any day. Fingers and toes crossed for an even better day tomorrow!!

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  1. Just learned about your wonderful blog! Now I can stop pestering Kimmie and Zig or Granny. So very happy to see the pictures and will pass them immediately, along with the blog address to Rob and La. The babies look wonderful, wonderful and I have high hopes that you will soon have them at home. So much love to the four of you!