Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To my sweet angels, love mama

Dear Ashton and Mary Seegars,
On your first birthday, I am feeling so many different emotions. I feel happy because I have gotten to spend the last year with the both of you. I feel sad because time has passed way too quickly. I feel lucky because I have the sweetest, silliest, and most beautiful son and daughter. I feel nostalgic because you no longer sleep on my chest or fit in the crook of my arm. I feel excited because we have so many years ahead of us. But most of all I feel blessed because I am your mom. 

It does not feel like a year has passed since your daddy wheeled me through those big metal doors and I saw your sweet faces for the very first time. The memory still brings tears to my eyes and I know it always will because I had been waiting for you for so very long. The two of you were the answer to so many prayers and I pray now that you will always know that. I pray that your daddy and I are always able to show you just how special you both are. 

I know I tell you this a hundred times a day but I want you both to know that each and every time I mean it with all my heart. . . 

I love you to the moon and back chunk a monk and peanut girl.

I really, really do.


The first time I got to hold you both . . 

and although you have both grown so much . .

I will always love having both my babies in my arms!!

We made it!!

Well it is official!! We made it to a year!!

Here is an update on what our big boy and big girl are doing now:

Ashton is all smiles and has become the sweetest boy with such a kind, kind, heart!! He still loves to snuggle and hugs his mom, daddy, sister and all his stuffed animals on a regular basis.  When he sees his bla bla doll, he literally squeals and then gives him kisses. . it melts my heart! Ashton is also creeping all over the furniture and crawling across the house in two seconds flat.  He is very cautious so walking may be a ways in the future but that is ok with me.  Ashton's first word was "dog" which he learned from his sister.  He also says "uh-oh" or rather "uh uh uh oooooooh" and "ball"or "bawwwl".  We are pretty sure he is a southern gentleman in the making with his undeniable kindness and southern drawl.

Mary Seegars is one sassy little girl! She is Miss Independent and has a smile that is in one word contagious! She loves dogs more than any child I have known and can always be found either chasing Murphy or hugging one of her "dawg", "dawg", "dawgs".  At night, when we put her in her crib, she wraps her little arm around her dog and goes straight to sleep. So, so sweet! We are still calling her Peanut seeing that she is still a little bit, but little or not she can hold her own.  Mary Seegars first word was "dog" which she said around nine months old.  I couldn't tell if that was really what she was saying until I opened a book one day and she pointed to a dog and said "dah" a.k.a "dog".  She followed that with "uh-oh" taught to her by Mommie May, Aunt Mandi and Aunt A.C. She has said a few more words but nothing consistent. Let's just say she is going to be my little spit fire and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Both babies love to read and we read lots and lots of books every day! They are starting to play together and Mary Seegars even likes to feed her brother during dinner.  Mary Seegars favorite toy is of course her dogs and any kind of animal and Ashton loves trucks and cars that he can push around.  They are both so smart (although I may be a little biased) and they are both the cutest things in the whole wide world.  I am one lucky mama!

So with all these milestones and accomplishments to celebrate, we spent today soaking in our babies and celebrating their first year of life!

We started the morning by singing happy birthday and sneaking extra morning snuggles from our favorite one year olds!

Then, we brought cupcakes 
for all of Ashton and Mary Seegars's friends at Mrs. Hiam's

They all sang happy birthday . . . 

Ashton finally figured out that cake is for eating not just smashing!

The babies even got gifts from Mrs. Hiam and Mrs. Nicole!

All the big kids wanted a picture with the birthday boy and girl!

We then went home to play, play, play and ended our night at Coronas for dinner!

Loved this special day with these special babies!!

(Ashton was a little sad his big day was over)

The Cutest Babies in the World, Take Three!!

Once again, Lauren Miller captured some great pictures of our growing babies for their twelve month photo shoot.

Here are a few of my faves . . .

A birthday party for thing one and thing two!

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” 
- Dr. Seuss 

This quote by Dr. Seuss pretty much sums up how I feel about the babies birthday.  I had so much fun planning their big day and I was kind of sad when it was over . . . mostly because it meant my babies were about to be one year old.  But, as the wise Dr. Seuss once said, I will not cry because it's over I am going to just keep smiling because it happened and everything that happened sure was great!

Welcome to Seussville . . . 

Everyone even got to see how much we have grown!!

We had lots of friends come and play . . . 

Even Banks and Raleigh all the way from Fort Mill!!!

I love my sister!

Peanut loves her "dawg" "dawg"

Granny and Seldom came to play and Granny was the hit of the program!

Mommy and Daddy gave us swings and we had so much fun!!

We even got our fist car from Kimmy and Ziggy!!

We also love, love, love our Y Bikes from Mommie May and Pops!

At the end of the party, everyone sang us happy birthday and we ate our cakes . . 
Well, we kind of ate our cakes :)

Kimmy even fed Mommie May some cake

Mommy snuck in a few birthday snuggles!

 What a fun, fun, fun day!!