Friday, March 22, 2013

Birthdays, Anniversaries and Babies . . Oh My!

Over the past month, we have been one busy little family of four.  We have visited Atlanta twice, celebrated my birthday and celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary.  This year, the celebrations were made even more special by the two littlest participants.  Ashton and Mary Seegars gave me the sweetest card and even treated me to a massage (a luxury that this new mama desperately needed). Gash  also continued to prove why I chose him to spend the rest of my life with; I honestly could not get through a day with out his help, support, hugs and sense of humor. It is hard to believe that we have been married for five years.  It really does feel like yesterday that we said "I do" and then danced the night away at Cherokee Town Club.  So much has changed over the past five years, we have celebrated graduations, stressed over jobs, moved cities, moved houses, stressed over jobs(again), struggled with starting a family, and welcomed two of the sweetest babies into the world. While many of these changes were difficult, they were never insurmountable and that is due in large part to our love for one another and our ability to work together.  At the risk of sounding corny or cliche, we truly were meant for one another and I am a better woman, friend, and mother because of Gash.  I can not wait to see what the next fifty years looks like, and while I know their will be difficulties and obstacles, I am certain that as long as we are all together, we will always be able to find our "rose colored glasses".

Five years ago
March 8, 2008

Visiting Atlanta. . 
                                           Snuggles with Mommie May . . . 

Playing with Pops

Celebrating Aunt Anne Caroline's Birthday!

In Spartanburg, visiting Granny and Seldom

Giving mom some birthday love. . . 

One sweet little boy!

He moves all over his crib during the night and at nap time.

Mary Seegars is OBSESSED with Murphy. 
She loves to pet him and laughs when he licks her face.  
However, the other day we caught her sticking out her tongue to lick Murphy in return,
 so we put an end to the licking :)

Gash asked me if I was taking peanut to Jazzercise in this outfit!

We all love Sophie!

Mary Seegars is always making this face a spitting out her tongue.

She sure does know how to make us smile.

Ashton and Mary Seegars are really enjoying playing with each other.  

The babies celebrated St. Patty's Day in style.
One of my favorite pictures yet . . .