Tuesday, August 20, 2013

To my sweet angels, love mama

Dear Ashton and Mary Seegars,
On your first birthday, I am feeling so many different emotions. I feel happy because I have gotten to spend the last year with the both of you. I feel sad because time has passed way too quickly. I feel lucky because I have the sweetest, silliest, and most beautiful son and daughter. I feel nostalgic because you no longer sleep on my chest or fit in the crook of my arm. I feel excited because we have so many years ahead of us. But most of all I feel blessed because I am your mom. 

It does not feel like a year has passed since your daddy wheeled me through those big metal doors and I saw your sweet faces for the very first time. The memory still brings tears to my eyes and I know it always will because I had been waiting for you for so very long. The two of you were the answer to so many prayers and I pray now that you will always know that. I pray that your daddy and I are always able to show you just how special you both are. 

I know I tell you this a hundred times a day but I want you both to know that each and every time I mean it with all my heart. . . 

I love you to the moon and back chunk a monk and peanut girl.

I really, really do.


The first time I got to hold you both . . 

and although you have both grown so much . .

I will always love having both my babies in my arms!!

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