Saturday, August 3, 2013


I have always loved the summer.  I mean who doesn't? Long days, late nights, vacations, the lake, the beach, boats, cookouts with friends, cold drinks, and the list goes on.

Luckily, Ashton and Mary Seegars seem to love summer just as much as their mama! I see a lot of summer days at the lake and beach in our future!

We have spent a lot of the summer at the lake . . 

The babies even went on their first ride on the Big Mable! 

It was a wild and crazy Fourth!

We visited Granny and Seldom 
so the babies could spend some time with their great grandparents!

We traveled to Charleston to celebrate baby Scoggins!
Can't wait for this little girl to arrive. 

We Love our Kimmy and Ziggy!

It is safe to say that we have two beach babies on our hands!
The first trip to the beach was a success.

We even got to take a little vacation to D.C. just us adults . . . 

We spent the Bickes Family vacation in Nantucket.
We had the BEST time!

Ashton loves his Mommie May!!

And his Pops. . . 

Aunt A.C. was a huge help . . the babies loved spending time with her!

Two of my favorite ladies . . . 

The Brotherhood of Thieves . . .
A pretty rough crew.

We sure were lucky to have Bammie with us on the trip. 
It is so special that the babies get to spend time with their great grandparents!

The babies loved riding behind the bike!

Ashton loved the beach! 

especially the yummy sand . . . 

Mary Seegars did too but it took her a little longer to adjust to the sand.

We even got to go deep sea fishing!

So much fun!

What a wonderful trip with an even more wonderful family!

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