Saturday, August 3, 2013


When your mom is one of ten and your dad is one of six, you have a lot of cousins. And cousins are a good thing. They become the big brother or big sister that you never had and in my case they become some of your best friends. One of the things that I have always found so special about Gash is his relationship with his cousins. When I first met his family, I felt like I was at home. Gash and his cousins were just like me and my cousins, best friends.

That is why it is so important to Gash and me that our babies grow up knowing their cousins. They may not have "real" cousins yet, but our cousins have kiddos and that is good enough for us. We spend a lot of time talking to the babies about their cousins and showing them pictures but nothing beats actually spending time with them. 

I sure do hope that Ashton and Mary Seegars can make as many memories with their cousins (both first and second) as I did with mine. Because cousins are a good thing!

Fun Times with the Marshes!

Hanging out with the Harrisons

The Tayloe Triplets came to visit . . . 

We LOVE our Godbrother Byars!

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