Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Well this has been a month for milestones.  The babies are officially on the move, opinionated and in one word . . . toddlers!

Ashton is still as sweet as they come.  His smile is to die for and his laugh is absolutely contagious! The boy loves to eat and I am quite certain that he eats more than any boy his age.  His Buddha belly is proof of that! He loves apples and sweet potatoes and all of Mrs. Hiam's cooking! He loves to ride around on his Y-Bike and can maneuver it throughout the house quite impressively.  But, his favorite thing to do is play with his "bawls".  Footballs, bouncy balls, soccer balls, basket balls. . . he loves them all and even has to sleep with a ball snug under his little arm.  Ashton loves his sister and is constantly laughing at her funny faces and noises (except when she takes a toy and then he can get quite aggressive).  He is saying several words: "Mama" (only when he is upset though), "Dada", "Dog", "Duck", "Ball", and "Uh-Oh".  He is also really good at repeating words when we sound them out for him.  He even attempts to say "love you" although it sound more like "LoLu".  He is very cautious which is why I was certain he was going to be two-years-old before he walked on his own.  Since September, he had been walking pretty well while holding our hands but he had never taken even one little step on his own.  That is why we were absolutely shocked when he got up and walked across the room on October 18th.  I guess he saw all the fuss we made over his sister the day before when she took her first stroll, and he was not about to be outdone.  And so they days of chasing a toddler have begun because ever since he got his first taste of walking that Friday night he has not stopped. Literally, has not stopped! I love, love, love seeing him on the move!

Mary Seegars is one sweet little Peanut.  She is still the littlest bit and wears 6-9 month clothing even though she is well past a year old.  Her faces crack us up every day; especially when she scrunches up her little nose and purses her lips (an expression she does several times a day).  Like her brother, Mary Seegars also loves to eat although we have no idea where it all goes.  She loves any type of bread and gets the most excited when her daddy makes her pancakes.  Mary Seegars is obsessed with stuffed animals. Her favorite right now is her monkey (well the monkey she stole from Ashton). She can always be found carrying one of her stuffed animals around with her and she often stops what she is doing to give the doll a hug and kiss. Speaking of kisses, Mary Seegars gives the sweetest kisses in the whole world. She will kiss on command and her kisses are always followed by the cutest and biggest grin.  Mary Seegars loves to chase her brother and has even been caught stealing a few kisses from him! Peanut is also saying quite a few words, although the list looks very similar to Ashton's: "dog", "uh-oh", "ball", "duck", "shh (shoe)" and "kah (book)".  She also says "quack quack quack" when she sees a duck and "mmh mmh mmh" when she sees her monkey. Mary Seegars can also point to her nose, eyes, mouth, ear, hair, and belly.  She gets so proud of herself when she correctly identifies each body part (mama is pretty proud too).  The girl is also on the move and actually started the walking trend for the Clayton twins.  On October 17th, we got home from dinner and I put her down on the floor to get her pajamas.  That is when she surprised us by getting up and sauntering across the floor like she had been walking for months.  Since September, she had taken several steps on her own and even put five to six consecutively together, but that night was a whole different ball game.  We were so excited and Face Timed both of our parents so the grandparents could be in on the action.  It sure is cute to see that little peanut toddle to her next destination.

Another month down and a lifetime to go! We sure feel blessed by these two spunky, silly, snuggly, toddlers!!

October started with a trip to Charleston . . .
Where the babies played with Kimmy and Ziggy . . . 

And mom and dad traveled to Savannah to meet the sweetest new bundle . . . 

We can not get enough of sweet Abbott Scoggins!!!

The next weekend was packed full of fun at Fall for Greenville!

Luckily, we had an awesome photographer hanging out with us . . 
Thanks EA Photography for the great shots!

And the month ended with a little Halloween fun!!

Kermit. . . 

Miss Piggy . . .

My favorite picture of all . . . 

Thanks Lauren Miller Photography for these great pics!!

And a few from the neighborhood block party . . . 

Ashton impressing the ladies . . . 

A few of the neighborhood kids. . . 

And a few random October moments. . .

Matching Uncle Jamie

We LOVE pumpkins!

Miss Priss

The scrunch face!

Looking more like a little boy than a baby!

Taking sister on a stroll . . .

Have I mentioned how much I love having an AWESOME photographer as a brother-in-law?
Thanks Jamie Clayton Photography!


And so we begin the second year of our babies' lives.  It is crazy to think that a year has passed already, and while I am definitely nostalgic for the days my babies fit snug in my arms, we sure are having fun watching Ashton and Mary Seegars become little people.

September has always been one of my favorite months and this September was no different.  The month kicked off with a fun weekend filled with friends and family at the Clemson vs. Georgia game! What a way to start the season.  The babies did not make this game seeing that it was an 8:00 P.M. kick off, but they were introduced to their future Alma Mater the very next weekend when they attended their very first Clemson game! It was such a fun day and the babies had a blast! We played with friends at the tailgate and then ventured in to see the team run down the hill.  Ashton loved watching the players and he especially loved all the snacks his mama packed him.  Mary Seegars's favorite part was the cheer leaders and she clapped along with them for most of the game.  These two are definitely all boy and all girl!!

Although football takes up a majority of our weekends in the Fall, we did sneak up to Asheville to visit the Nobles and play with Maddox and Dakin.  The babies had a great time and the dads did too (especially since a beer tour was involved).

And so the Fall has officially started. Can't wait to see what the next few months bring!

On our way to see the Tigers play . . . 

Some cuties. . . 

Love these Girls!

On Sunday after the game, we headed to Granny's to celebrate  the big win!

Starting them early. . . 
Lots of little Tiger Cubs!

We love Pops. . and his Tailgate!!

We love Aunt Julie too!

future Clemson Tigers at their very first game . . 

Homecoming 2013. . 
Uncle T.J.'s float

We loved playing at the tailgate!

Cheers to a weekend in Asheville with great friends!!

I think Maddox has a crush 

Daddy needed some help eating his french fries after a day of touring the local breweries!

I even got to sneak down to Atlanta for a day to celebrate Baby Carlson!

Daddy duty while Mom was in Atlanta . . . 

Just a few randoms from a fun, fun month!