Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day Seven, NICU 2

Ever since Monday when I received the greatest gifts from God, I have been dreaming about holding both of my babies at one time. Unfortunately, they have been in separate isolettes making this dream just that, only a dream. But all of that changed today when I got to hold Ashton and Mary Seegars, one in each arm.

Our sweet nurse Connie helped us set up a table to place both babies on so we could FaceTime the grandparents and let them see the babies side by side. It was amazing seeing them together! After we finished FaceTimeing with the fam, Gash handed me each of the babies and I was able to hold them both for a few minutes. It was truly a dream come true!

What they do instead of eating :)

Pretty as a picture

One big yawn!

One alert little boy :)

First photo shoot . . . We needed Uncle Jamie :)

One proud daddy 

In my arms TOGETHER!!!

One HAPPY family!!!

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