Monday, August 27, 2012

Day Eight, NICU 2

Happy birthday babies!! It is hard to believe that a week ago today we welcomed our little ones into the world. This past week has been a whirlwind, to say the least! We have been on an emotional roller coaster ride with thankfully more highs than lows and more fun than anything else. It has truly been the ride of our lives!

Even though it is the twins birthday, they gave us two presents today. First, I got to rock both of them for an hour . . . AT THE SAME TIME! I am sure that once they get home, I will gladly be offering up a baby to anyone willing to hold them, but right now there is nothing better than holding them both, one in each arm! Our second gift was that Mr. Ashton finished his entire bottle in less than twenty minutes! He must know that he is a big boy now so he started eating like one. Mary Seegars did not take her whole bottle but she has maintained her body temp at 28 since 9:00 last night; if she keeps it up until nine tonight, she will be moved to a crib! Now we just need the babies to catch up with each other. Competition on!

Well, Mary Seegars must have heard the challenge I posed when I wrote the earlier post this morning. At the 3:00 feeding, she challenged Ashton to a "bottle off" and the girl won!! That is right Mary Seegars finished her bottle in about twenty-five minutes. Ashton was a close second at about thirty minutes! So proud of our little bugs! Stay thirsty my friends :)

Sleeping Soundly

Good Morning :)

It does not get any better than this . . . . 

TWO empty bottles!!!

Drinking those bottles is hard work. . . 

Lights out . . . 

This birthday is just full of milestones! Tonight, Mary Seegars was officially moved to a crib! Of course, I forgot the sleepers I was going to bring her and so she is currently dressed in a newborn outfit of the hospitals.  As Gash so sweetly put it, our little girl looks like she is in a clown outfit.  But clown outfit or not, she is one step closer to coming home! 

 Goodbye Isolette . . . 

Hello Crib!!!

The Clown Outfit 

What bedtime????

Comfy in my isolette but I will be in a crib soon. . . Promise!

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