Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Three, NICU 2!!

The babies have officially been moved from NICU 1 to NICU 2!!! This is great news. NICU 2 is a more transitional and less intense wing and the babies even get their own room! On the other hand, the babies both have jaundice so they will be spending the next few days sunbathing under the good old Bilirubin light. This is a little sad because it means we can only hold them during their feedings (which we got to do for the first time today!!) but they sure do look cute in their shades!

Their new room!

A diva is born!

One cool dude!

Holding daddy's hand

Finally feeling like a mama

Eat Ashton Eat!!

Love this Pic!! Two of my favorites :)

That face!!

A Full Belly Means Lights Out!

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