Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day Six, NICU 2

Gash and I are creatures of habit; therefore, we like a good routine. Saturdays have always been one of our favorite days to spend together and participate in those weekend rituals. Our Saturdays usually start around nine in the morning, after sleeping in and spending lazy moments in bed just planning our day. After leisurely making our way downstairs, we either cook breakfast (or truth be told Gash cooks breakfast) or we walk up to Mug and Muffin where I order number 15 and Gash orders number 19. The rest of the day is spent walking Murphy, running errands, meeting friends for lunch, or on house projects. Lastly, we usually end the day at a fun restaurant or a neighbors house for a cookout and drinks with friends.

Oh how things have already changed. And oh how I love that they have. This morning we woke up early (had to get the day started so we could see those babies). We did start at Mug and Muffin, but the rest of the day was not spent shopping or out on the town for lunch. Rather, we spent the day holding our two favorites and trying with all our might to get them to take a bottle. At 11:00 p.m., you could not find us at a bar but instead at GHS in the NICU just as content as can be. And so our routines have changed, but definitely for the better. I can't wait until we have these babies home and we can start new Saturday routines, complete with all the snuggles and kisses our hearts desire.

Me and My Girl

Daddy's little girl . . . he is smitten!

Love this boy . . . . 

Does it get any cuter???

Maybe. . . . 

First pic as a pair. . . MANY more to come!

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