Tuesday, August 7, 2012


This nesting thing is no joke! It probably does not help that I was slightly (o.k. very) OCD before I got pregnant, but now everything has to be cleaned, labeled and in order because at the rate my stomach is growing these babies could arrive any day now (although we are praying they stay comfy in the womb for another four to five weeks).  

Step One: We started with the nursery and although we had a few minor disagreements on the style we wanted for our babies first room, we eventually decided on a color scheme and it really took off from there! It was hard to come up with a room that would work for both a boy and a girl, but it turned out pretty great (if I do say so myself).  A lot of love and care went into creating this special place for our sweet angels and when it finally came to fruition, both Gash and I were very happy with the outcome! In fact, there are many nights when you can catch us sitting in the nursery, gliding in the rockers and laughing about just how much our lives are about to change!!

A few pics of what I like to call "project nursery":

The R
oom Before:

Gash Putting up the Board and Batten: After looking up the process on the internet, it only took him a day to complete.  I was in the room most of that day, but aside from keeping him company I can't claim that I helped much with this project :)

After the Board and Batten was complete, my sweet mom and sister came up to paint the nursery.  Gash and I did a lot of research on the color we wanted for the walls and decided on Comfort Gray . . . We love it! Next, it was time to put the cribs and gliders together . . . another job for Gash :)

While Gash worked on where our babies would sleep and be rocked to sleep, I worked on where they would be changed.  We found an antique dresser on Craig's List and I painted it Bird's Egg Blue to match our color scheme.

After rearranging the room for what felt like the hundredth time (of course we went with the first arrangement we tried), it was time for the fun stuff . . . the decorating!!

A Roman Shade I made for the window (Thanks Pinterest):

Shel Silverstein poems framed in dollar store frames (I spray painted both the frames and the mats which saved us quite a bit of cash).  We had the best time picking out the poems we wanted displayed in the room! Love me some Shel Silverstein!!

The final touches were gifts from two very special people in our lives.  Trellis Payne, a dear friend who we only met a year ago but feel like we have known for ages, painted two of the most beautiful paintings for our babies.  Gash and I were speechless when we saw them for the first time and they still take our breath away. Trellis is so talented and the paintings will be something that Ashton and Mary Seegars will treasure for a lifetime! In addition, my Aunt Helen sewed all of the bedding for the twins and even made two monogrammed pillows for the gliders.  The bedding turned out even better than I ever imagined and it is so special to me that it was made with love by their great aunt! 

And the finished Product. . . Drum. Roll. Please. 

Step Two: After the nursery was complete and I could picture my babies sleeping snugly in their beds (I know wishful thinking), I began to organize everything in sight.  Now, when I say everything, I mean everything from the pantry to my boards on Pinterest.  I started with reorganizing our files, cleaned out every drawer in the house, made a binder of milestone checklists etc. for the babies, emptied our armoire and made it into a baby station complete with diapers, nursing supplies, burp cloths, bibs and more, and labeled pretty much everything in our house.  Now there are no excuses for anything to be out of place (again, wishful thinking but worth a try at least).  The organizational marathon ended with sterilizing pacifiers and bottles and washing and folding all those precious baby clothes. . . I could bathe in Dreft detergent. . . yummy!!

Organization. . for now :)

Step Three: Now we just need to prepare our minds and get as much sleep as possible before Ashton and Mary Seegars make their debut in four to five short weeks! While we still have some things to do. . hospital bags to pack, meals to make and freeze, strollers and swings to be put together, and an art studio/ office to be completed in the basement (yikes!), we are getting very excited about the day we meet our little ones and our lives change forever.  

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