Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day Thirteen, NICU 2

It's game day!! Every year at this time we are filled with excitement as the Tigers take the field for the first game of the season. Ever since we graduated, we have not missed many games and we are always sporting our orange on Saturdays in the fall. This year is a little different. We are still excited and we are still in our orange, but we are sharing game day with two little tiger cubs. And in my opinion, two of the cutest tiger fans in the entire world. I never thought I would miss the opening game (especially against Auburn in the Georgia Dome), but right now there is no place I would rather be than snuggling up to my two little tigers!!

Cutest little Tigers I have ever seen!

This Saturday in the NICU looks a lot like one at home . . . 
Football on the TV

And Gash asleep . . . 

Kimmy and Ziggy came to visit. . . 
The babies were so excited!!

Ashton's new buddy!

One pretty little Tiger Cub!

Love these babies. . . 

Best. Game Day. Ever!

Bottle and Temperature Update: As long as we are cheering on the Tigers, we need to cheer on our babies!! They are rocking their bottles at every other feeding and if they keep it up throughout tomorrow, they will go to bottles EVERY feeding!! Both Ashton and Mary Seegars are keeping their temperatures up and both are above their birth weights.  We could not feel more blessed by their accomplishments.  If this is not winning on game day, I do not know what is!! Now, time for the Tigers to pull through for us!!


  1. I am so proud of these Clemson baby cubs! Gooooo Claytons!

  2. LOVE seeing Kimmie and Zig with the babies who are looking wonderful by the way. Congrats to them for their first game day win! :) Y'all look wonderful too and I am encouraged about the possibility of going with bottle feeding only and their temps getting steady. Sounding really positive! God is SO good! Thinking of you all the time and keeping everyone in my prayers. Definitely looking forward to our turn to meet the little ones, but we will be patient, patient, patient, patient! Sending love and prayers as ever....