Monday, September 3, 2012

Day Fourteen, NICU 2

If I were not a teacher, I would be a nurse. I take that back; if I were not afraid of blood, I would be a nurse. I have always been amazed by the nursing profession, by these people who help others so selflessly and who many times possess such a big heart. Our time at Greenville Memorial has reinforced my admiration for nurses as we were blessed by so many great nurses, from those who worked on the high risk floor to those who have taken care of our babies (and us) in the NICU.

However, one nurse stands out among them all and that is our Connie. Connie has loved our babies like they are her own which makes it easier for me to go home at night knowing she will be with them. She has made it her mission to get our babies home, and I must say she is succeeding. While many nurses prepared me that one of my babies may come home before the other and that they may have to stay until their due date, Connie never uttered those words I so badly did not want to hear. Instead she assured me that she would do everything she could to send Ashton and Mary Seegars home on the same day and they would be home before she leaves for the beach (which is fast approaching). In addition, She always made sure their crib bedding was matching and she picked out cute outfits for them when I was not there to dress them myself. These may seem like little things but to a mama who can not be their with her babies 24/7, these are big things, important things. So, if in my next l life I am no longer afraid of needles and blood, I hope I am a nurse, a nurse like Connie.

Sweet, Sweet Connie

Can't wait to have wire free babies :)

Connie found us orange outfits to match our Clemson gear!

Mine even has Tigers. . . .

Time with their Kimmy and Ziggy

Night, Night . . . 

Our pacis are as big as our heads. . . 

Bottle and Temperature Update: we are making progress! The babies took all of their bottles today which means that they will be switched to bottles for every feeding tomorrow. No more tubes in those cute little noses!! I am a little nervous about going from four bottles to eight, but I have faith that our little fighters will keep up the good work! They are both doing great in their open cribs and are steadily gaining weight!! So thankful for an awesome God who has blessed us beyond what we deserve!


  1. Thank the Lord for Connie. And what an awesome update!!! Go babies go!

  2. Jessica and Gash, I have truly enjoyed keeping up with the babies progress through your blog! They are beautiful!:). They (and you and Gash) remain in our prayers! I can't wait to meet Ashton and Mary Seegars! Take care of yourself and don't hesitate to call if we can do ANYTHING for y'all! Go babies go!:)