Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day Sixteen, FLC

I know every parent is proud of their child. Especially when they do something monumental like make an A on an exam or when they are kind to others without be told to do so. These are the moments I always knew I would be proud of my children. It never crossed my mind that I would be filled with pride the day my son drank an entire bottle or when my daughter kept her body temperature above 36.5 degrees Celsius. These are skills they are born knowing how to do, right? Not if they are born at thirty-four weeks, when they are supposed to still be snug in the womb. And so I have had my first proud parent moment, one I am sure will be the first of many. I could not be prouder of our little fighters who are now taking all their bottles with ease and are sleeping comfortably (and warmly) in their open crib! We are getting so close to bringing these babies home!

Ashton was not thrilled about getting his "pencil sharpened" as the nurse put it :(

Sweet, sweet babies!


  1. Loving these reports which just get better and better. I do believe you and Connie are going to reach your goal (and what I have been praying for) in just a day or so! Can't wait to read ALL about it! Love the pictures too! Thanks SO much! xo

  2. Jess and Gash,

    Your children are so precious...in so many ways. I doubt you'll have much time to blog when they join you at home but I am praying and counting down the days with you both; although I have REALLY enjoyed the reading today at work. I am so excited to meet them in a few months but please keep the pictures coming in the mean time.

    xoxo Brooks