Monday, September 10, 2012

I had no idea . . .

Ever since I became a mom three weeks ago, I have wanted to call all of my mama friends to say I'm sorry. I feel the need to apologize for not realizing how special this time as a new mother really is. Don't get me wrong, I called and sent gifts and was genuinely excited when each of my friends had their precious babies, but I never grasped the magic of it all. Not until I had my own precious miracles and I entered the motherhood "club", did I realize that I should have been doing back flips and cartwheels when my friends babies were born. I should have called more and asked more questions and been as obsessed with their babies as they are now with mine. And so here I am, living on minimal sleep, up to my ears in dirty diapers (times two) and loving every minute of it! As soon as my incision heals, I will practice my back flips and cart wheels!

We "wub" our wubba nubs!!

One of those sleepless nights that are so much easier now that I get to see my sweet babies faces :)

We love meeting all our friends and family that have come to visit . . 

Julie came with the twins future BFF . .  baby Mizell #2 who will arrive in February! 

The babies love their great aunts and great Granny!!!

Making funny faces for our guests!

Granny and Ashton

Granny and Mary Seegars

Uncle Buddha!!!

So fun meeting Uncle Bryant and Aunt Katie for the first time!!

Our new Friday nights . . . 

We have had so many people help keep us fed and we could not be more grateful! I had to brag on my friend Liz's cookie making skills . . . how cute???

 Aunt Mandi came back to feed us a bottle, but somehow she got out of the diaper change :)

Time to say our prayers and go to sleep . . . 

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