Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

I love the holidays. I always have. There is nothing better than good food, good wine and of course good company. I can remember being young and counting the days until Christmas. Christmas Eve to be specific, as that has always been my favorite day of the year. And Thanksgiving meant the countdown could begin! Holidays always seem magical, especially so when I was a kid. I can remember dressing up like pilgrims and Indians and having Thanksgiving feasts at school. And who can forget the Thanksgiving craft that seems to be a staple in Kindergarten classrooms across the nation? Yes, the imprint of your childhood hand made into a turkey. I remember being asked to write down the five things I was thankful for and that got me thinking about the five things I am thankful for today. While some of them have changed as I have matured, the core is pretty much the same. So here are my five "fingers" of thanksgiving:

1. Our jobs: I am so grateful that in a down economy both Gash and I have steady jobs.

2. Our home: I have loved making our little house into a home. It is truly a place that I can easily see my children growing up in. We have made so many great memories here already and I know the best are yet to come.

3. My friends: a girl could not ask for more supportive, loving and genuine friends. These women make me want to be a better friend, mother, and wife.

4. My family: we are blessed with the BEST parents, sisters and brothers. I honestly do not know what we would do without them and I feel so lucky to call them our family.

5. My husband and children: I saved the best for last. It was just last year that Gash and I spent every night praying for the miracle of new life. It was just last year that I spent many a day in tears. And now I spend every day with the two most beautiful babies in the world and a husband who has taught me what true love really is.

What can I say besides I am blessed and so THANKFUL for ALL the gifts that God has given me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We turned three months on Tuesday. . . Time Flies!!!

Thanksgiving, Round ONE in Gastonia

Round TWO at the lake house . . .We love our new tradition of fried turkey Friday!

We also squeezed in the Bickes family Christmas card. . first one in about ten years?

Saturday we hit the road again to watch the Clemson vs. Carolina game in Spartanburg!

Just a few more of our favorite babies . . . 

Sunday morning snuggles. . . . 

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