Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love Letters

A year or so ago, Gash and I put together a picture book detailing the life of his grandfather, Seldom. One of my favorite parts of this project was seeing the pictures and letters that Granny and Seldom wrote to one another while he was stationed overseas. Granny would send pictures of herself and their babies with inscriptions on the back through snail mail, a mailing system that has long been forgotten with the introduction of text messages and emails. Today, in the world of technology, we no longer send pictures with handwritten notes. Instead, we send pictures by email or in a text message or by updating a blog. Today, we don't miss a moment.

So, when Gash is at work and away from his two favorite babies, it is my job to send him pictures and updates. He requires it. Just like his grandparents so many years ago, we send each other notes throughout the day and although they arrive much quicker, they carry the same meaning, and that is family and love.

I thought I would record a few of those "love letters" here:

Love these babies!

Baby its cold outside. . . 

Another Picture? We were so good in church can we go home already?

Look at those muscles my brudah has!!

Sweet baby girl . . . 

What happens when mom leaves the house . . . 

Sweet baby boy!

Snuggles with daddy

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