Monday, November 12, 2012

Blame it on the lack of sleep

New moms, well moms in general, seem to suffer from a constant lack of sleep, and I am definitely in that boat these days. I can't blame it solely on the two newborns that now reside in our house, seeing that they are pretty consistently sleeping about six hours. There are many factors that contribute to these sleepless nights. From worrying about my children and all the things on my to do list to what I like to call phantom screams where I jump out of bed only to find Ashton and Mary Seegars sleeping peacefully. And so begins the years of sleepless nights where a five hour stretch quickly changes from the worst night of sleep ever to a gift from God. Lately, I have noticed the toll this lack of sleep is taking on my organized, type A world. And so when I burn dinner or feed the dog cereal, I simply blame it on the lack of sleep.

I thought I would record a few of these instances, some that resulted in tears, some in uncontrollable laughter:

One Saturday, after the babies had only been home a week or two and were still eating every three hours at night, Gash and I were watching the Clemson game. I had the babies all dressed up in their Clemson gear and Mary Seegars's new orange bow was set to arrive in the mail that very day. When the mail came, I ran out and was so excited to find the package in the mailbox, her first bow! I rushed upstairs, put it on and called Gash over to check out how cute it looked. Gash, without batting an eye or cracking a smile, simply asked "why did you put it on Ashton?" We'll just blame it on the lack of sleep. Probably won't be the first time he plays dress up seeing that he has a twin sister :).

Now for my worst parenting moment, my Brittany Spears moment, a moment that will not happen again, we hope! We had spent the day at Fall for Greenville showing off the babies as they slept soundly in their cars seats. At the end of the day, the babies were hungry and we made it back to the car just in time for the blood curdling screams to start. We snapped the car seats into their bases and jumped in the car. I sat in the back with pacifiers in hand trying to calm the babies for the five minute ride home where their bottles awaited. As we pulled out of the parking lot and onto Church Street, I noticed that something was wrong. I then joined in on the screaming, only I was yelling for Gash to pull over. The babies were not buckled into their car seats! Gash promptly pulled over so we could buckle them in and say a quick prayer of thanksgiving to the babies guardian angels. I will admit I cried a little over this one and begged Gash not to tell anyone. Now, here I am posting it on the web, so please do not call DSS on us, we blame it on the lack of sleep!

And now for the inspiration behind this post, a blunder I both laughed and cried about. On Tuesday, we got the babies birth announcements/ Christmas cards in the mail. I spent a lot of time searching the Internet for the perfect card and then creating the announcement itself. It is really cute and turned out better than I even thought it would. Except for one thing. One pretty big thing. I, the mother of these two beautiful children, picked out the cutest pictures, correctly recorded their weight and height but INCORRECTLY posted their birth date. So now I have one hundred adorable Christmas cards that say the twins were born on October 20th! Trust me, I am very aware that my babies arrived on August 20th. I was there, my stomach was cut open, and it was the most important and miraculous day of my life. But somehow, blame it on the lack of sleep, I mistyped the date. So when you get your announcement in the mail this December, pay attention to the cute pictures, their names, weight, and height but ignore the birthday, they are actually a whole two months older than the recorded date!

I know there are many more things I could add to this list, but I can't seem to remember them . . . Blame it on the lack of sleep!

Tummy Time and Play Time on their "gym"

Sweet Angels

 I laid them on the bed pretty far apart in this picture and when I turned back around they had scooted themselves close to each other. . . sibling love!

Mary Seegars actually fits in her 0-3 month clothes now!!!

Uncle Sloan came over to hang out

Love those baby smiles!!!

This picture is blurry but out of the hundreds of pictures I take a week it is the only one where they both are smiling!

Some of my favorite pictures so far.  Mary Seegars loves a good photo shoot; Ashton was not as into it!

Ashton did, however, love watching football and super hero movies with his daddy . . 

My favorite part of the weekend . . Sunday morning snuggles . . . 

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  1. love WHAT you had to say and the pics, as usual are OUTSTANDING! The ones in the Clemson garb crack me up! Gash would so TOTALLY have had the same expressions! Hilarious! Must confess tho, my fav's this week are in the smocked outfits. SO precious. Sorry, Gash, but they are! Time enough for blue jeans later....xoxoxo