Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Living for the weekend. . .

I have always enjoyed the weekends.  I loved spending quality time with Gash, sleeping in, and eating whatever I wanted (calories don't count on the weekends, right?).  However, I never understood just how special weekends are until this past week when I had to leave my babies to return to work.  I will not go into detail about how hard it was to leave the babies Wednesday morning, lets just say that some tears were shed.  And by some I mean buckets and buckets.  I did manage to make it through the day and when I got home and was greeted by those two smiling faces, I realized that while I have always enjoyed the weekends, I will now LOVE every minute of them.  So, when I try to focus on the positive aspects of being a working mom, the evenings and weekends top my list.  Those hours that I spend away from Ashton and Mary Seegars each day only make my time with them that much more special.  So here's to weekends and evenings snuggling the two cutest babies I know!

Ashton and Mary Seegars playing. They were looking at each other and holding hands!
Melts. My. Heart. 

Ashton was so excited about his daddy's birthday. . Mary Seegars was not impressed :)

We threw a birthday party for daddy and Trent and Julie came from Asheville! Dakin was so sweet and kept kissing Ashton's "boo boo" (a.k.a his hemangioma)

Ashton's first date. . We could not be happier with his choice in the ladies. . Love little Vivian!

Mary Seegars approves :)

The kids started to outnumber the adults. . . How parties have changed!

Aunt Katie and Uncle Bryant came to celebrate too!

The weekend ended with our tradition of decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music and sipping on Baileys and peppermint coffee.  Only this time, we had some little helpers.  The cutest two elves this side of the North Pole . . .

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  1. Jessica, I have enjoyed catching up on your posts this morning. LOVE all the pictures! Two remarks re/ Gash: Good grief, honey! You look more like Zig every day! (That's a good thing :)
    And love the baby picture comparison...I remember that little face....Now to figure out how and when to hold those babies. Pls. let me know if y'all are ever hangin' out at Granny and Seldoms! xoxoxo