Monday, January 21, 2013

Quality Time

This week we have not done much.  No holidays, special events, or people in town. And it sure has been nice.  While I love being surrounded by all of our friends and family, it has been great to spend some quality time with Gash, Ashton and Mary Seegars.  A weekend full of naps (for baby and mom), movies, family walks, playtime, and dinners in was just what the doctor ordered!

A few milestones to report . . .
January 16th, Ashton rolled over back to stomach.
Mary Seegars is laughing up a storm.
We think they are both teething, but most of this is still a guessing game for us!

Ashton and Mary Seegars are starting to interact . . . 

They love to talk to each other and make the other one laugh!

Sometimes, I can barely take their cuteness!

Mary Seegars is all smiles!

Sometimes . . .

 Clue #1 that they are teething. . . 

Ashton is beginning to look more like a boy than a baby!

Sending out a few emails before his next bottle . . . 

Ashton now loves to sleep on his stomach.  
He and his big brother Murphy love to snuggle and take a short nap . . . 

I can not believe my babies turned five months old on Sunday!

Slow down sweet babies!!!


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