Monday, January 14, 2013

And off they go . . .

I remember saying I would never send my kids to daycare.  I WOULD be a stay at home mom, no questions asked.  But, then, life happened. And bills happened and mortgages and loans happened and well the search for daycares began.  And so, a week ago, I sent my two most precious possessions to be cared for by someone else, someone who was not me.  It was not easy and may or may not have involved a middle of the night panic attack where I suddenly could not breath and woke up Gash in desperate need of reassurance (dramatic, yes; the truth, sadly).  However, after I calmed down and after I shed a few (o.k. a lot of) tears on the way to work that morning, I realized that my babies were going to be just fine; I was going to be just fine.  That fact is largely due to Mrs. Hiam.  Thank God for Mrs. Hiam.  It has only taken me a week to fall in love with the woman taking care of Ashton and Mary Seegars.  Each day, when I walk through the door and I am greeted by Mary Seegars's giggles and Ashton's delighted squeals, I am reassured that we made the right choice.  Although my babies are with someone else during the day, we are all going to be just fine.

First day of "school"

Ms. Hiam and Ashton

Miss Priss

Getting better at tummy time

Chillin' . . . 

Snuggles with daddy

Chunk a Monk

Playtime. . . 
We love the exersaucer!

Taking over the living room!

Sure is hard to leave these sweet faces every day!

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