Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How blessed we are

Every night when I say my prayers I start by thanking God for all he has blessed me with. I am overwhelmed by the joy that I have in my life and I know it is all given to me by Him. I then start in on my prayers and wishes for my children. Of course, I pray for the obvious things like health, happiness, and faith, but there are two other big prayers I have for Ashton and Mary Seegars. Every night, I pray that they are blessed with as good of friends as Gash and I have and that when they get married they are blessed with as great of in-laws as I have. These may seem a little random but over the past two months (yes the twins are TWO months), I have come to realize even more than I ever did before what a blessing good friends and good in-laws are.

The time we spent in the hospital was not easy, I had a few days where everything seemed to be going wrong and to be honest I did not always handle it with the grace that I wish I could have. Besides my awesome husband, my friends and family really made things a lot easier. Gash and I were continually amazed by the outpouring of love and support that we received when Ashton and Mary Seegars came into this world. We received countless texts, emails, phone calls, meals etc. and I am not sure if the people who loved on us will ever know how much it meant to us. We truly have the best friends in the world.

This weekend was just another reinforcement of how blessed we are in the friends and family department. We got to spend some quality time with some of our dearest friends and the babies got to hang out with "aunts", "uncles" and their grandparents, Kimmy and Ziggy. When I tell people how much I love my in-laws, I am usually greeted with a look of shock and a "c'mon you can tell me how you really feel". But I really do love them. It probably helps that my mother-in-law is a blonde version of my own mother, making me feel very comfortable around her and my father-in-law is one of the kindest men I know (which I am certain is why Gash is such a great father himself, we all learn by example). Therefore, it made it easy to leave the babies with their grandparents for the day while Gash and I went to the Clemson game. "Kimmy" did a great job keeping me updated with pictures of the day and my friends did a great job keeping mimosas and beers in my hand. All in all, we had a "fantastic" weekend thanks to great friends and great in-laws.

Some of our best friends came to visit . . . . ALL the way from Cincinnati!

Charlie wants to know if Ashton is a real baby . . . 

Charlie meeting his future wife. . . They totally hit it off!!

Kimmy and Ziggy with the babies. . . "babysitting"

Karen and Walker came to visit

We loved seeing Uncle Jamie!

One of the best parts of this weekend was when the babies got to spend time with their great grandparents.  Bammie, Granny and Seldom have been such a special part of Gash and I's lives and we feel so blessed that they are able to be a part of our babies lives.  What an amazing thing it is to be witness to all these generations of love!

That Bammie is so funny . . . . 

The babies loved their Great Aunt Joey . . . 

After two sets of their own, Granny and Seldom know how to handle twins!

Jay and Jeannie showing the babies how the twin thing is done

James loved the babies and gave them lots of kisses!

Mason was so great with the babies . . . I see a babysitter in the future!!

Four generations of Seegars. . . 

One of my favorite views. . . 

Trying to calm two hungry babies while daddy gets the bottles ready

Checking out her daddy

All three kids taking a nap

We were TWO Months on Saturday!

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  1. These posts are priceless, Jessica! LOVE the pictures SO much. You and Gash are amazing and always on my heart. love always...I'll get over there soon!