Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I made the mistake a few nights ago of watching the movie My Sister's Keeper. I figured that since I read the book and knew the ending, I would not cry as hard as I did when I finished the book. I was wrong. Really, really wrong. I overlooked one simple fact, I was not a mom when I read the book, and so, needless to say, Gash encountered one blubbering mess when he walked into the living room. Besides realizing how blessed I am and spending the majority of the movie alternating between babies and smothering each with kisses, I came to a solid realization: once you become a mother, you never stop worrying. I knew this growing up; I mean we always teased my mom about her constant worries. My brother even deemed my mom "dub dub" for "WW" or worry wort. However, I did not really understand the depth of the worry until nine months ago when I found out I was pregnant. From that day on, I obsessed over every pregnancy symptom, I worried about what I ate, drank, and was exposed to; I asked the doctors a million questions and was relentless in my Internet inquiries. And then my two healthy babies arrived, whew, what a relief! But that relief was short lived as a whole new list of worries set in and I began to realize that every mother worries. Every mother worries a lot, and sometimes it may even seem that we are looking for things to worry about. Our minds go into overdrive: are my children healthy, happy, warm, polite, scared, safe? Are they making good decisions? Am I making good decisions as a mother? And the list goes on. But I guess the bottom line is this. No matter how much I worry, things are not going to change. Ashton and Mary Seegars will get sick and hurt. They will have their hearts broken and they will experience disappointment. My job as their mother will be to be there when they fall and to cheer them on through all their trials. Just like Cameron Diaz's character in My Sister's Keeper could not change the fate of her daughter, I will not be able to alter God's will for my children and all the worrying in the world won't change that. So I imagine the only thing I can do is have faith and enjoy every minute that I am so blessed to be their mom.
 Hey brother . . I have an idea . . . 

I'm listening

Around one in the morning, you wake up and cry real loud. . . . 

That is a great idea! I LOVE to do that! Then what?

Let me think. . . 

Got it! I will wake up at two after you go back to sleep and I will start crying so hard

Hilarious. You are just too much Mary Seegars!

Some more of the two trouble makers

Is there someone behind me?

"Chunk" is taking big boy bottles now. .

 And he is happy about it!

Enjoying his bath or as Gash likes to call it . . Hot Tub Happy Hour

What happens when dad dresses the baby

Our little Tiger cubs in gifts made by their Great Aunt Helen. . . 

This weekend was so much fun! Brent and Meghan came to stay for the weekend and Clay, Lindsay, Banks and Raleigh stopped by on their way to the game! The weekend ended with a visit from their Aunt Mandi and Cousin Christin! We all loved every minute with some of our closest friends and family!

Brent and Meghan were naturals with the babies!

Banks and his buddy Ashton.  
This was right after Banks said "Ashton wants to get up and walk with me." 
I am pretty sure that he will be following his cool older friend around soon enough! 

Lots of little petite posse members!

All three kiddos asleep after a long, fun week!

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  1. Precious entry, Jessica. Loved everything you had to say and the pictures are just beyond wonderful. Confession: every picture of Gash with the babies makes me cry, really cry, I think with pride and joy. He was so much "my baby too" at that age, is the only explanation I can come up with. Perhaps Kimmie will do the same when Rob becomes a Daddy, because he was equally hers! Wanting to come see you soon...let me know when all family and close friends have had their turn! love, love, Betsy ps. You are already a fabulous mom. Word to the wise: worry less, trust more, soak in every single minute of joy!! Sorry, cant help myself...