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Last year, when I wrote about Thanksgiving, I chose the five things I was most thankful for.  Those five are still at the top of my list and I thank God every single night for my awesome husband, my beautiful children, my parents, siblings, and in-laws, our health and the roof over our head and daily comforts we enjoy.

This year, I want to list some of the things that I often forget to thank God for each night.  Some of the things that I take for granted.

With that said, I am thankful for . . .

- my safety
- the fact that I was born in America
- Nightly dance parties in the kitchen with my husband and fifteen-month-olds
- Twin Giggles
- Snuggling my husband and children
- Wine
- Poetry
- How much my children LOVE to give kisses
- My girlfriends and how I can be completely myself around them
- Twin Smiles
- Coffee
- Mrs. Hiam and how she loves my children as if they were her own
- Getting to work from home
- Facebook sales for adorable kids clothes (so I can actually afford smocked dresses and jon jons)
- Ashton's eyes and Mary Seegar's lips
- Heating and warm jackets in the Winter and Air Conditioning and Swimming Pools in the Summer
- My husband's laugh
- Watching trashy TV shows and texting with my girlfriends during commercials
- Sunny Days
- Clemson Football
- Saturday and Sunday Mornings
- The fact that I can walk to most of my Greenville friend's houses
- FaceTime with grandparents
- Ashton's obsession with balls and how he squeals at the site of a football or basketball
- Mary Seegars love for her baby and Boo the dog
- The undeniable fact that my children have so many people who love them.  Truly love them
- How much my children love to read
- Our church
- Cooking for my family
- My husband's sense of humor
- Craft Beer
-The lights in the trees on Main Street
- Princess Sophia and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
- Mary Seegars and Ashton's emerging vocabulary
- How much both Gash and I love spending time with our families
- How Ashton and Mary Seegars never say "mama" without saying "daddy" because they know we are a family.
- That God has a plan for me

There are many many more things that I could add to this list because let's face it. . . I am one very blessed girl.

We started off November by celebrating Uncle T.J.'s 21st Birthday!
I can clearly remember when he was the twins age. Time really does fly by! 

The next weekend, we packed up the kiddos and traveled to Fort Mill
 to hang out with some of our best friends.  
So special to get to spend quality time with the Lutons and the Nettles!
It took a "few" takes but we managed to get one picture of all the kids looking in the same direction!

most of the pictures looked more like this . . . 

We LOVE Aunt Linds and Uncle Clay!

The next weekend we traveled to Atlanta for Tommy's Tunes, Taps and Toys. . 
Mommie May had a surprise waiting for us in the nursery!

We danced the night away and made some new friends . . . 

Mommy even got to sneak out with Uncle T.J. and Aunt Mandi!

The weekend ended with a very special visit with Aunt Greer and baby Harrison!

Uncle Brent and Aunt Meghan brought the babies BFF Abbott for a visit.
The babies loved meeting her . . 

I think we are in for some trouble in the future with these two . . . 

This year, we celebrated Thanksgiving in Spartanburg at Jay and Anna's House.
It was an awesome day filled with food, family, and laughter!
Just another reminder of how truly blessed we are!

Ashton thought the dog's kennel was pretty cool

Mary Seegars was not so impressed by our shenanigans! 

Peanut loves her Uncle Jamie!

First time using utensils and she's a pro! Who knew?

Granny spoiled the babies yet again with surcees.  
They loved their new toys!

Ashton trying to look tough while taking his lady for a ride. . . 

I sure feel lucky to be a part of this family!

Happy Thanksgiving! 

This year, Gash's birthday fell on the Friday after Thanksgiving, so we were lucky to have lots of family in town to celebrate.  We spent the weekend up at the lake with both sets of grandparents and the babies aunt's and uncle's to celebrate Fried Turkey Friday and Gash's Big Day.  It was an awesome weekend and something I really hope we do more often! 

Kimmy and Mommie May sure do love spending time with their grandbabies!

Did I mention that my children kiss everything????

We had lots of fun relaxing, taking a hike, and enjoying each others company! 

The weekend ended with a loss to the Gamecocks . . . 
but it was a great weekend nonetheless! 

A few more outtakes from November . . . 

Story time with Uncle Jamie

Ashton the Ninja

Twin Snuggles

Ashton and Mary Seegars LOVE peeking around the column and exclaiming . . 

Ashton practicing his drawing skills 

Fun at the park . . . 

Hanging out with our buddies

M.S. + Ev = BFF

Pretty as a picture

Fun with daddy! 

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