Sunday, January 26, 2014


Well, the holidays have come and gone, and I have to admit I am a little sad.  I just love the holidays. Everything about them. The magic, the decorations, the food, the music, the gifts, the wine, the cold air, and most of all the company. We are blessed with an awesome family and the holidays bring us all together. And you can't beat that!

This year, I was not expecting much as far as the babies reaction to the holiday season. I knew that at sixteen months they would not understand Santa or get excited about an elf sitting on a shelf. I didn't even think they would be too into the gifts under the tree.

But, true to form, Ashton and Mary Seegars surprised us by their excitement about Christmas and we couldn't have been more thrilled! Maybe the babies could feel our excitement when we put up the decorations and the Christmas tunes started filling our house every night. Maybe I just didn't give them enough credit, but either way they made this Christmas extra special!

They quickly caught on to Santa's famous greeting and would exclaim "ho ho ho" whenever they saw him (well to be honest whenever they saw any bearded man). They loved to dance to Christmas music and got excited when we turned the lights on the tree each night. But the best of all, the icing on the cake, was Christmas morning. Ashton and Mary Seegars had so much fun on Christmas. They loved all of their gifts and made us take each one out of the package immediately so they could play with them. The smiles on their faces and genuine joy and excitement sure did get us excited for the years to come!

A little recap of what was under the tree for our little ones:
Rocking horses
Baby arm chairs
Necklaces and purses for peanut
A wagon
A basket ball goal and golf clubs for Ashton
A baby stroller and baby doll
"Baboo" the bear (named by the babies)
books, stuffed animals, trucks, cars, and balls!

We kicked off the season by decorating the tree
with the cutest two elves this side of the North Pole! 

We even snuck up to Asheville for a day
a tradition we won't let go of!

This year, we met up with some of our favorite people for dinner . . 

We took the babies to visit Santa.
They were so excited to see "ho ho ho" while we waited in line. . . 
Sitting on his lap was a different story entirely!

The babies celebrated with their buddies at Hiam's

and loved their Christmas gifts from Mrs. Hiam
We sure are blessed to have her in our life!

On the 20th, we headed to Atlanta to celebrate.
mommy and daddy even got a night out without the kiddos!

Fun with family . . 

Ashton loved the "ho ho ho" his size!

The babies had so much fun exploring the yard with 1,000 blow ups!

Christmas Eve was so special!
It all started at Christ the King 
where mommy and daddy got married almost six years ago!

We headed back to Mommie May and Pop's house
for fun, food, family
and our favorite part . . . Caroling!!!

Cheesin' with Aunt Mandi

Opening presents from Bammie!

Peanut and Boo . . .

Christmas Morning. . . 
nothing short of magical!

After celebrating with Mommie May, Pops, Aunt Mandi, Uncle T.J. and Aunt A.C.
we headed back to Greenville to see the rest of the family!

Christmas Dinner . . . 

Brotherly calf competition
Because, who doesn't do that Christmas night???

Uncle Brent, Aunt Meghan, and Abbott came to visit!!

And now time to play with all our new toys!!

Merry Christmas from the Claytons!!

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  1. Jessica - What wonderful, wonderful pictures! I love seeing your beautiful babies and family and know you are enjoying every moment! Now remember, when they get old enough to start doing Christmas skits for you, to let us know! We have a few stories to tell them! Love to you all - Gail T