Thursday, May 9, 2013

My favorite eight words

Everyday, when I go to pick up the babies from Mrs. Hiam’s house, I get to hear my favorite eight words.  Each afternoon when I get to the house, Haley Reese, Hiam’s four-year-old little helper bee, greets me at the door.  After giving me her report on the babies and telling me all about who they played with, what they ate, what their daddy forgot, and how they slept, she runs to the playroom to announce my arrival.  This is when I get to hear my favorite eight words . . . “Ashton and Mary Seegars, your mom is here”. These words never fail to bring a smile to my face because they mean that Ashton and Mary Seegars are mine, that I am blessed to be a mom, that I am blessed to be their mom, that I get to kiss their sweet faces and see their sweet smiles, and that for the next few hours I get to play with the best two babies I know. 

Mary Seegars is OBSESSED with her block! 
Some babies have blankets, some babies have dolls, and I guess some babies have blocks . . . 

I took the babies to Costco the other day.  They loved it and Mary Seegars held on to her "big" brother's overall straps the whole time.  She really does love her brother! 

Well, she loves her brother sometimes.  
We are a little concerned that she might be a bully. . . 

Gash was out of town last weekend, so we had early morning snuggles and playtime in mama's bed!
The babies were not impressed by the flash . . . 

We spent Cinco de Mayo celebrating at church . . 

Best friends hold hands, right?

Right . . . 

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