Monday, February 18, 2013

Caught Red Handed

Nowadays, Ashton and Mary Seegars are two active little babies (to say the least).  They love to play, read books, sing songs and eat each other.  Yes, eat each other.  When we let them play with one another, it usually involves them reaching for one another and putting whatever body part they can get their hands on in their mouth.  Ashton even narrates his attempts to eat his sister with a loud "ahhhhh".  Luckily, they both seem to find it pretty funny and their adventures have only resulted in tears on a few rare occasions. This alertness and eagerness to play is so much fun and so, so, so tiring.  A few months ago, when I would get home from school, I would snuggle the babies on the couch and maybe watch a little TV.  Now, snuggling is no longer on their list of "fun with mama" activities and watching TV is an ancient past time for me.  Neither baby is interested in snuggling anymore which I must admit breaks my heart.  So now, when I get home from school, it is play, defrost solids, feed solids (they are now eating sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, avocado, applesauce and oatmeal), play, bathe, make bottles, feed bottles, and down for bed. After running that "marathon", I fix our dinner and we enjoy it before cleaning bottles and preparing bottles for Hiam's and then literally falling into bed ourselves. However, there are nights when before I go to bed, I sneak back into the babies nursery and rock them both as they sleep on my chest.  This was my little secret until I was caught red handed last week.  Gash, discovered me rocking Ashton late one night and after laughing at my attempts to explain why I would risk waking the babies up, he has joined me in the late night snuggles.  And I must say thank goodness for those late night snuggles because I know that they too will come to an end one day.

Play, Play, Play . . . 

Sweet baby faces . . . 

Funny baby faces . . . 
(Mary Seegars's hair did this on its own, we could not stop laughing, 
especially when she started making these faces!)

Look at that chunk. . . Preemie no more! 

The babies first snow in Greenville! 

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